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We Are All Leaders

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and complex, creating difficult challenges for both organizations and society.


At the same time, many young people today feel overwhelmed, stressed out and generally unhappy with life. It is becoming clear that what the world is calling for is a new type of leadership – where everyone is a leader.


Based on the latest science in motivational research, SelfLeaders started out as a course in self-leadership back in 2009 by two former McKinsey consultants and a behaviorist. The module was a huge success and quickly became very popular at universities in Sweden. SelfLeaders Academy was born. Over the years, more and more people have joined the cause and are now part of a global movement aiming to help more young people discover more about themselves and their potential.


Our project has a strong momentum and we want to increase the impact. We are looking for young individuals who want to be part of spreading our unique and truly value-creating methodology at their own university. We want to create an experience that will transform how students around the world look at themselves, their own potential and their contribution to the greater good. Simply put – we would like you to join our cause.

At home or Abroad

We are a small core team in northern Europe with a large commitment: To offer self-leadership sessions to university students all over the world. Using our knowledge and best-practice along with your passion, we hope to make a difference. We have made it easy to get involved either at your home university or abroad in an exchange program.

At home

Are you a student and interested in bringing SelfLeadership to your home university? Become involved by signing up for a 2 hour experience session and see how you can enhance the lives and leadership of your fellow students.


Are you studying abroad and interested in spreading the practice of self-leadership to your partner university?  Become involved by signing up for a 2 hour experience session, gain access to tools and modules that you can pass forward, and take part in creating a network of global future leaders.

Our Three-Step Journey

Learning to become a self-leadership facilitator starts out simple: First you need to experience what it is all about. After this, we will guide you through all the steps in order to help you along the way. In the end, you will have the opportunity and privilege to help friends and other students discover more about themselves and their own unique potential.

  • Experience

    Try our methods and tools and see how you can use these in your every-day life.

  • Set in Motion

    Start creating events as a host and make the magic happen at your university.

  • Become a facilitator

    Learn how to facilitate deeper self-leadership sessions for students and later in your career.

Step 1 / Experience

During our host training session you will get the opportunity to reflect upon and develop your own self-leadership.

You will also get a  training into how to host a 1 hour self-leadership session yourself as well as a deeper understanding  of how the initiative can be implemented at your university.

Since 2012 we have educated several hundred hosts refining a concept that gives you the tools and methods needed to be able to support your fellow students in their development. As a host you will become part of our global community with the united mission of developing leaders fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

Upcoming Host Training Sessions



Step 2 / Set in Motion

After your training, it’s time to put what you have learned into practice – this is when things start to get really exciting. Many previous students who have implemented self-leadership workshops have described it as the most rewarding project of their time at the university. One of the best ways of learning is truly to support others in their development.

Step 3 / Become a Facilitator

After having run at least 3 seminars as a SelfLeaders Academy host you are eligble to apply to become a facilitator.

And when you dive in we will be there to support you in every way we can. As a facilitator you will be able to access our toolkit of processes, methods and modules, facilitator-guides and bank of experience when it comes to facilitating others.

Hear Our Stories

Amelie Jakobsson

When starting my studies at Stockholm School of Economics, I was immediately confronted with a high tempo and culture of achievement, as well as an seemingly unlimited amount of choices. A combination of these factors made me finally questioning why I worked so hard, what I wanted from life and wether what I was doing felt meaningful.


Participating in SelfLeaders’ program became a really important journey from me. For the first time I had access to effective tools that helped me make sense of who I am and where I wanted to go. I found an inner motivation based in what I feel is important rather than my surroundings’ expectations. I wish more people would have this opportunity!

Cesar Ojeda

The Academy has been an amazing experience for me in the sense that it has helped me realise that I am not alone in wanting to think more about what personal development and leadership actually means.


Working with the Academy allowed me to grow in ways I was not aware were possible, and is something I deeply recommend everybody to give a shot.

Fanny Norlin

I became a SelfLeaders Academy facilitator in 2011 during my technology management studies. The work that the Academy allowed me to do at my university turned out to be the most rewarding work during all of my studies. Some years later, the team I helped co-create now organizes self leadership sessions for 1100 students on a yearly basis.


Apart from how meaningful it feels for me to have been part of supporting so many fellow students, the Academy also brought me together with some of my current dearest friends. I highly recommend this journey.

Q: Who should do the self leadership session? A: Everyone except the very small animals. /Leadership developer at Spotify

Who We Are

SelfLeaders started out as a course in applied self-leadership at Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden 2009. We saw a need in young future leaders to better understand their personal why. The course was a big success, so we expanded to more higher educational institutions all over Sweden. All courses and programs are deeply rooted in the latest scientific research in psychology and behavioral science.


Today we work in both the academic, private, public and non-government sectors focusing on creating conditions for positive personal and organizational transformation. We are very proud of our 1:1 rule: For every person trained in self-leadership in the private sector, we will train one student for free.


We are a diverse group of young and senior people from all walks of life working together to create positive change in the world. More and more people have joined the cause and are now part of a global movement aiming to help more young people discover more about themselves and their potential. Our long-term mission to inspire and help everyone to become a leader.


If our story seems compelling, we would be more than happy to have you onboard. Welcome!

We are the new generation. We believe it is possible to create a sustainable society while at the same time having fun at work. Would you like to join us?